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Five students had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Bank of Ireland (BOI) Transition Year (TY) Academy in the Helix in Dublin City University for three days starting on the 18th of October. They had the opportunity to develop and learn new life skills. On arrival Grace, Leah, Franco, Reign and Scott were split into groups with other students from around Ireland. After completing a personality test, groups were formed based on the categories of curious, adventure, harmony and responsibility. The students took part in many team building exercises and listened to guest speakers from the business world, BOI and even Johnny Cooper (Dublin GAA team player).

Day two of the event and the students were set the task of developing something that would make college life easier for students. The teams broke up and started to brainstorm their ideas. Many groups came up with ideas such as apps for organisation and care packages. Research and plans for setting up businesses were put together and presentations were created in anticipation of the last day as students pitched their ideas to the “dragons” who were real business people and administrators from DCU and BOI representatives.

The students enjoyed their time in DCU and learned many things. It was a challenging course and extremely worthwhile.  Friends were made and important interpersonal life skills were developed.

Written by Grace and Leah O’C


On Wednesday, 9 December 2015, we held a production of the play ‘Same’ by Deborah Bruce. The play, led and directed by Mr O`Loughlin featured a brilliant show of acting talent from this year’s Transition Year students.

From the onset of the play, the audience was encapsulated by actors depicting a scene of young adults who were dealing with the recent loss of their Grandmother who spent her last days living in a nursing home.

The play lasted for just over an hour. The light-hearted quality of the first two scenes and the tear jerking third and final scene kept the audience thoroughly engaged from beginning to end. The humorous comments from grandchildren Harry Fowler (played by Oisín) and Emma Fowler (Maja) gave the first scene an overall atmosphere of dark humour while it also touched on how the young adults dealt with the loss of their beloved “Nan”. The underlying theme of loss continued on into the second scene where it was mixed with the light-hearted comedy from Alfie Barret and Edward Pope (played by Sean and Sorin respectively) Alfie loudly complained about the funeral of the recently deceased resident Josie Fowler while, Edward or “Eddie”, reminisced about his youth spent working on the docks. The experience of living in a nursing home was also discussed extensively by Marion (played by Maria M. C) and Sadie (Kerrie-Anne).

The Play climaxed with the third and final scene which took place two weeks before the previous two scenes. Josephine Fowler (Rachael) is reunited with her deceased husband Harry Fowler Sr. (Alex) who has come to help her into the next life.

The play ended with a thank you speech on behalf of the whole cast who bought a small gift for Mr O`Loughlin, they also gave thanks to the teachers that helped them, in particular Ms Lynch, from the Art department, Ms Héarun and Ms. Hogan from the Home-Ec department and Ms Balfe from the wood department for their help dressing the set. We also thanked Mr. Moore for allowing us the use of the school hall for the play. Everyone clearly enjoyed the play and there is no doubt that the TY play in Fingal Community College was once again a tremendous success.

Written by Seán



Crafty Cert Creations

On Friday the 16th of October, we hosted a spectacular exhibition of Art, Craft and Design projects from our Junior Certificate examinations. Running up to the event, we were busy organising and labelling all the work in order to display it in the most professional manner. This took a lot longer than we anticipated and volunteers even stayed late to get the finishing touches done. The hall was adorned with beautiful Home Economics, Woodwork, Metalwork and Art work ready to greet the eager primary school students for the following day.

We welcomed four groups of primary school students and their teachers to our school hall on Friday. We had various small workshops to engage them in each subject area – lino printing in Art, decorating wholemeal cookies in Home Economics, making keyrings in Woodwork and Metalwork.  Chloe and Joseph, (past Transition Years students) assisted with Learnit LEGO as the children explored the world of robotics. Hopefully, it gave the primary school students a flavour of the option subjects as they progress into secondary school. For us it was great to see our former teachers return and to update them on our achievements to date. We were saddened to let them go but they left with a FCC goodie bag of booklets, bookmarks, classroom signs and apple juice.

We were also visited by the local press and by ReCreate, a local business that specialises in collecting unwanted surplus items from shops for redistribution to local community centres, schools and art colleges. The adjudicator was overwhelmed with the standard of work overall and awarded specially crafted trophies (made by Ms. Balfe) to Weronika for Art, Cristian for Woodwork, Jakub for Metalwork and Alina for Home Economics. Thanks to all the practical teachers who were involved before and during the event to guide and help us to display our work so wonderfully.

Written by Rachel

Rang Niamh

Sci Fest Winners 2015

Joseph and Chloe (Diarmuid) got 1st Price in the Technology Intermediate Group at Sci Fest 2015.

Learnit Lego


Olivia, Hannah and Chloe

As part of this year’s Transition Year programme a new module has been introduced called Learn it Lego.  This module combines Maths, Engineering, Robotics and Computer Programming. Learnit Ireland chose Fingal Community College as it is a school committed to technological innovation and the module coincided with the opening of the school’s new Digital Hub. Students worked as a team and completed several tasks and challenges using mine storm robotic Lego. The groups not only had to program their robots but also had to design a PowerPoint presentation on what it would be like to live in space. The module was completed over an eight week period and the winning team who accumulated the most points in the various challenges got to take the prize home. Students had to perform the various challenges and present their PowerPoint to Ms Deirdre Keyes, Education Officer from DDLETB. The winning team were Hannah, Joseph, Karl, Katie and Olivia.


Watch Out for Fat, lack of Fruit and Fibre


Ms. Gaye Godkin with a selection of TY students and their Year Head Ms. Downes

On Tuesday the 18th of November, we got to experience the revealing truth about the food we eat. Ms. Gaye Godkin (a nutritionist) arrived at 9:00 am and we welcomed her into our school. She presented a PowerPoint and shared her knowledge with us. She informed us that eating breakfast is extremely important. It keeps you energized and it can also determine your mood for the rest of the day. It is also crucial to sit while eating, because any distractions can obstruct your brain from registering the fact that you have eaten.

Water is also essential to our diet and shouldn’t be replaced by any sugared or fizzy drinks. These drinks can lead to many diseases, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, chronic renal failure and Alzheimer’s disease.

The most common diet related problems result from the 3 F’s:-

-FAT – diet high in fat

-Fruit – diet low in fruit and vegetables

-Fibre – diet low in fibre.

As much as eating healthy is important, it is also vital to make time for enough exercise.  30 minutes a day is all it takes. Exercise is good for our bodies to help reduce stress, tones muscles, makes us feel energised, keeps our hearts strong and helps us sleep better.

After the very interesting and educational presentation, many individual students and teachers asked questions and specific students went up to her to talk about her job and what she does as a nutritionist.

All of the students left with positive thoughts about changing their diet. It was a great experience and we recommend all to visit her Facebook page “Gaye Godkin Nutrition”.

Written by Monika

Celebrating the Practical Talents in Fingal


Photo taken by Dr. Parkinson

An exhibition of Art, Craft and Design projects from the 2014 State Examinations was held on Friday 14 November. Ms. Lynch’s Art class and Ms. Héarún’s Home Economics class worked together to showcase a fabulous display of all the hard work that takes place in this college. The exhibition consisted of work from Art, Home Economics, Metalwork and Woodwork all of which achieved excellent results in the State Exams. Pupils from local primary school, accompanied by their teachers, paid a visit to the school hall on Friday morning. The exhibition gave the young pupils a flavour of the subjects that will be on offer to them when they start secondary school.  The exhibition was officially opened by Fingal County Council’s Education and Arts Officer Ms Julie Clarke. The adjudicators were Julie Clarke and local photographer Philip O Neill who also sponsored the Art Award. The winners from the four categories were Valeryia for Art, Mark for Woodwork, Malissa for Metalwork and Jessica for Home Economics Craft.Thanks to all the primary schools and sponsors that took the time to visit us.

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Mock Trials

On Monday the 8th of September, the TY Year students were given an amazing opportunity. We got to take part in a Law Module (PAL) aimed to provide us with information regarding the law sector.

Prior to the module, we had the task of reading a court case that would be studied and performed on the day. This case involved a verbal and physical fight between two young adults. This incident occurred in a bar with many witnesses. The case studied was based on a true altercation that occurred in Ireland a few years ago.

To begin our day, we were introduced to the two barristers who would be instructing us throughout the day. The TY classes were separated into two, one instructor per class and brought to the classroom in which we would remain for the module. There was one male and one female barrister. We spent half of the school day with each barrister. To begin with we learned basic law terms, the difference between criminal and civil law, We studied the different courts, the job of both a solicitor and lawyer, how to become either of the two, important concepts and how cases are resolved. Both barristers were very kind and friendly. They were open to all questions and queries. 

We resumed after a small break. This section of the day was dedicated to debating. The majority of students enjoyed this part of the day. There were many different topics discussed that evoked strong opinions. Students debated about the following topics; the death penalty, smoking law, alcohol law and many more. It was very enjoyable to listen to our piers’ opinions.

After lunch was what everyone was waiting for. The court case studied was about to be brought to life. Each student was given a role; victim, defendant, jurors, lawyers, witnesses, judge and bailiff. For one final time, the students revised the court case and prepared for the trial. The room was set up to look like a real court, and so it did. The trial began with two short synopses, one from the defence and one from the prosecutor.  We then continued by presenting the different pieces of evidence and witnesses after they solemnly swore to tell ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’. After gathering all evidence, the jurors had the difficult decision of deciding whether the defendant was guilty or not guilty. There was great suspense in the court room as the verdict was being awaited. The defendant was found guilty and sent to prison.

Overall, a great day was had by all. Thanks to the teachers who organised this wonderful opportunity and to the two barristers Jadel Naidoo and Catherine McLoone who taught and assisted us throughout the day. 

 Written by Olivia and Frans


Speed Date TY Play 13th February 2014

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On Thursday, 13th February, Fingal Community College held a production of the play ‘Speed Date’. The play, directed by Mr O`Loughlin featured a brilliant performance from Transition Year students.

From the beginning of the play, the actors addressed the audience, with the character of Laura welcoming the audience as “fellow speed daters”. The cast engaged the audience with several monologues where the audience gained insight into the character`s mind and how they were feeling.

The play lasted forty-five minutes and the light-hearted quality of the play kept the audience thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. The most comical aspect of the play was that the two main characters Laura (played by Caoimhe) and John (played by Brian) struggled to find a suitable date, yet came across several comical, ridiculous, love obsessed, irritating and very strange characters during the speed dating session. Laura got more than she bargained for with a wide range of personalities from the; childish, the desperate to the ridiculous as one of the characters (played by Laurynas) showed up in a bear costume, Brad (played by Connor) quoted scenes from movies, while Sean (played by David) constantly mentioned his ex-girlfriends and Neil (played by Ciarán) brought up a marriage proposal. However, it was Francois (played by Lewis) that truly brought comedy to the play with his claim that “scent is the essence of attraction”.

The character John is shocked when he meets a cat obsessed Kirsten (played by Katie) that shows him pictures of her 30 cats which she refers to as her ‘babies’. He struggles to impress a very particular Jen and he even gets interviewed by his date Pat (played by Aoife) who is more interested in her phone than her date. However, it was the character of Mary that I found truly hilarious. On her date with John, Velma (played by Amy) preformed a psych evaluation on her date, by showing him flash cards of pictures and analysing his results in front of him.

On the other hand, while portraying the characters in a humorous way, the play also gave insight into the characters and how they felt about being single. We learn that Sean`s girlfriend has left him, while Pat (played by Aoife) has been through a very difficult divorce and the ‘Cat obsessed’ Kirsten`s husband has passed away. This play delivered an insight into the types of people that speed date in a humorous manner which kept the audience thoroughly entertained.

At the end of the play, the audience received a hug from the Laura`s date that arrived in the bear costume. The play ended with thanks to Mr O`Loughlin, the Transition Year students as well as the teachers that helped them. Everyone clearly enjoyed the play and there is no doubt that the Transition Year play in Fingal Community College was once again a tremendous success.

Erica (6th Year Student)


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Public Access to Law





On the 1st and 8th of October, a barrister, Jadel Naidoo,  gave the Transition Year class some insight to the whole area of law. As research before his visit, we watched a movie titled Twelve Angry Men. This gave us some background information prior to his visit about the jury system; however we knew we had lots more to learn.

On his first visit, Jadel, discussed the different types of courts and the role each one plays in the Irish legal system. He explained the various roles within the courtroom; judge, jury, plaintiff, defendant and registrar. We now know the difference between civil law and criminal law. There were some interesting facts, for example children under eight years of age cannot be convicted of any sort of crime. He continued to explain how the Irish prison system operates. We learned what happens in the different types of prisons. It took some of us by surprise how “soft” some of the jails were with televisions and play stations for example.

During his second visit we set up a workshop. We all had parts to play in a reenactment of two court cases, a murder case and an air rage case. We had to set up the classroom like a courtroom and each student played a specific role in each case.

This Public Access to Law module was very interesting and a very worthwhile experience. As a class we have gained a little more knowledge of a very complicated Irish legal system.

Written by Chloe & Lokyin

CSI Fingal!

On Friday the 6th of September, the 1st Years and TY class got a chance to be detectives and explore the exciting world of forensic science. Education Interactive based in Australia, the UK and Ireland ran this interesting workshop. The hall was set up with a reconstruction of a murder case. Alison, from Education Interactive, gave us a quick introduction explaining the different areas of forensic science and which tools could be used in the gathering of evidence. It soon became apparent that we were dealing with a complicated case.

We had to piece together all the evidence and build up a case to prove who did it, what happened and why? The most fascinating sections were the ballistic, linguistic and the sections exploring the tyre tracks. We looked at a UV torch that highlighted blood stains and other vital evidence.

We learned that in reality, forensic science is not like what you see on popular TV shows nowadays. Cases are not solved within weeks. The case we were trying to solve took scientists 12-18 months. It is also interesting to see the various stages and processes a case could go through. It was certainly an enjoyable and mind-boggling afternoon.

Written by Katie and Grace