On Friday 23rd March we held our annual Spraoi Rith (Fun Run) with an Easter dress-up theme. The 5k run/walk was organized by TY students, the PE Department (Mr. Moore, Ms. Hennelly & Ms. Mahony) and the Sports Council.

1st years students were assigned to TY students and accompanied by 13 teachers and SNAs on the trek past the estuary towards Malahide Rugby Club and back to the school again. Along the way members of the Sports Council were stationed at important junctions to ensure the safety of students and staff along the route and crossing roads.

Once back in the school, we crowned our ‘Best Dressed Team’, led by TY student Barry Laffey, as well as announcing (a very enthusiastic) Ms. Rooney as the winner of the Teacher’s Step Challenge with over 44k steps in 3 days!

Students were then led in some classic dance routines (Cha Cha Slide, Saturday Night and the Macarena) to finish off the day (”,)

Well done to all of the organizers and participants on a fantastic Spraoi Rith 2018! We are already looking forward to 2019’s event!