At Fingal Community College, Physical Education is offered to all Senior Cycle Students. Physical education applies a holistic approach to the concept of physical activity for young people. It recognises the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of human movement and emphasises the contribution of physical activity to the promotion of individual and group wellbeing.

The general aims of physical education include:
  • To contribute to the preparation of the student for a life of autonomous wellbeing. Thisaim will be pursued through the enhancement of the student’s sense of self through the development of skilful and creative performance of practical activities.
  • Development of the students’ understanding of physical activity and awareness of the links between physical education and other curricular areas.
  • Motivation of the student to choose a lifestyle that is active, healthy and meaningful.
  • The personal enrichment of the student by developing personal and social skills, and encouraging positive attitudes and values in her/his interaction with others.
 Promoting participation and activity

Physical education plays a foundational role in developing pathways for physical activity participation, on a day-to-day basis and in the future. Physical education in this school places a strong emphasis on opening up and reflecting on practical opportunities for students. These opportunities are primarily based on the interests, talents, and decisions of the student. Senior Cycle Physical education in Fingal Community College covers a range of modules, allowing for these opportunities and for the development of decision making capacities for life-long learning.

 Modules Include:-

Team Challenges, Invasion Games, Net Games, Fitness profiling, Striking and Fielding Games Athletics, Education and Dance.

 Strengths Include:-

Games, Health Related Activity, Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics and Outdoor Adventure Education.