As part of our Enterprise project, Ms O’Keeffe’s 6th year LCVP class hosted a quiz on the 25th of October for 1st and 2nd years in aid of Uganda. The quiz consisted of 10 rounds with 10 questions in each round. At the end of several rounds a trick question was asked and the student who answered correctly received a prize. The quiz helped 1st and 2nd years to interact with each other. There was a music round which entertained everyone. At the end of the quiz, the scores were counted and each member of the winning team received a €10 gift voucher for the Pavilions Shopping Centre. We raised nearly €200 for Uganda. The class learned many skills such as communication, organisation and team work. There were several roles within the group e.g. MC, security, correctors, tellers, advertisers and researchers. Even though there was a lot of background work to be done running up to the day, we were amazed at the success of the quiz and the confidence gained by the team.

Hayley 6th Yr Student