Caradh O’Donovan Inspires 1st Years

Caradh with a selection of 1st Years


Caradh O’Donovan, kickboxer and winner of 10 National Titles at Junior and Senior level has been working closely with Fingal Community College. She is an athlete mentor with Sky Sports Living for Sport. She promotes the many benefits of sport to young people. She hopes “to inspire students to pursue their goals despite any obstacles that life brings.”

She taught a selection of First Year students all about the six keys to success and about being competitive. She explained that being competitive is a good thing and a bad thing. She taught students some kick boxing. They took part in pair activities and group activities for example human chains and collecting cups to make a castle that had to stand for 2 minutes. Students really enjoyed the experience. It finished with a group photograph and the awarding of Sky Sports bracelets. Many thanks to Mr. Moore for organizing this.

From Lucy (1st year)

Sports Day 2015


Look Back on Sports Day 2014


Gold and Silver Medal Winner


Well done to Kasparas (2nd Year) who won a Gold and a Silver medal in the Leinster Schools Swimming Championship in Tallaght Sports Complex on 11th January 2015. He came 1st in the 100m Freestlye and 2nd in the 100m Butterfly. He is pictured here with Mr. Moore and Mr. Cassidy.


Congratulations Adam

Adam has been selected on the U16 Leinster Rugby Metro Squad.

He is pictured here with his Year Head Mr. Shanagher.



Well done to all the students who took part in the North Leinster Track and Field Athletes events on the 24th and 26th of April in Santry. The following qualified for the finals but unfortunately got no medals Everest (2 Yr) came 7th in the 75m hurdles and Pierce  (6th Yr) came 6th in the100m.

Ms Whelan

Cross Country

Well done to all who finished their races last Wed 23rd of January, Ms Whelan.