Delphi Oct 2012

Trip to Delphi

On Wednesday the 3rd of October, the LCA2 class got the opportunity to take part in a two day adventure holiday in Delphi, Co Mayo. It was a chance to try out many activities and enjoy the delights of the country side.

Following a very early wake up call on Thursday, the students were kitted out in wet suits, buoyancy aids and helmets to scramble their way up through the Delphi Valley mountain river course. After a light lunch, it was wet suits on again and a bus journey to Cross Beach to surf. The students gave it their all and some even managed to catch the right wave and get to an upright position on their boards. This was quite a challenge as the weather went from sunny to hail stones to thunder and lighting. Then in was a hot drink on the bus and a very quick shower before tea. The highlight for many was the night time forest walk where the students ventured in pitch darkness and silence holding onto a rope. Shoes were lost in the mucky puddles but fun was had by all.

The last day was the greatest challenge yet, as students climbed a 25 meter moving Jacob’s ladder. It was a test of courage, balance and team work. Keith managed to get to the top followed very closely by Karolina and Elizabeth. There were tired and sad faces as the class got on the train back to Dublin but happy memories of the time they spent in Mayo.