Mexican StartersLCA students in Azteca

On Thursday the 9th of May, we got the opportunity to cook and sample some authentic Mexican food. As soon as we arrived in Café Azeteca, Hugo the chef greeted us with a warm Mexican welcome. We got a brief history lesson before the demonstration so we would understand Mexican cuisine better. We learned many things such as – salsa was inspired by the colours of the roaster’s head and the Mexican flag. It is also named after the type of chilli that is used. We sampled many types of salsa from cold to hot, chunky to blended and even salsa with fruit. The main ingredients of salsa are then used in many other dishes such as guacamole and Mexican rice dishes. We also made tortillas from scratch using genuine Mexican corn flour. We rolled and pressed them into shapes for many other dishes such as sopes and quesadillas. We had great fun experimenting under the watchful eye of Hugo and his assistant chef.  We could not wait to try our endeavours as we sat down to a feast of Mexican delights.

Hugo also helped us refine our recipes for our up and coming Mexican lunch for our teachers the following Monday. He gave us a mole spice mix for our brownies which was made from chilli, cocoa, pepper, cinnamon and many other spices. He even turned this spice mix into a savoury sauce for pouring on top of a chicken enchilada, which he served with traditional Mexican rice and refried beans.  We ate all that was put in front of us as we listen to Mexican music followed by Hugo playing his Irish flute. It did inspire us to put a menu together for three lucky teachers Ms Brooks, Ms Broaders and Mr Barrett along with our principal Mrs McGrath. Thank you to Niamh who organised the cookery lesson for us. She also gave us several decorations to help us turn the kitchen into a Mexican restaurant the following Monday.

LCA students 2013

LCA Mexican Lunch for Teachers