8th January 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Following the announcement from the Irish Government, all students in 1st – 6th year will move to online learning from Monday the 11th of January.  Teachers will be working with, and supporting, your sons and daughters during this difficult time.

As a school we are committed to continuing to provide an excellent standard of teaching and learning over the coming weeks.  We know that as parents, you too want to facilitate your children to engage as fully as possible with the learning. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to support you.  Genuine partnership between home and school has always been a hallmark of the success of Fingal Community College, and that strong shared purpose will serve your children well in the coming weeks.

All learners are expected to log onto MS Teams to access their lessons and should do this following their usual timetable.  Students will not be continuing with classes for SPHE, CSPE, RE, Lifeskills, Guidance, and non exam PE. during this lockdown.  1st & 2nd Yrs will not have their weekly class in Artistic Performance; Coding; Digital Media Literacy; or Japanese. All of these lessons will resume on our return to school.

Teachers will offer a variety of lesson types as outlined below.  Attendance/Engagement will be monitored and recorded on VSWare. Parents will be able to access this information and will therefore be aware of their son or daughter’s commitment to this online learning.

Live LessonsWhen a live lesson is taking place students will receive an invitation at least 24 hours in advance of their timetabled lesson.  The scheduled call will appear in the calendar on MS Teams.  Teachers will deliver the lesson via a MS Teams call, and relevant instructions and resources will be shared during that call.    Any students who join the call will be marked present on VSWare. 
Pre Recorded Lesson
A link to a video/recorded powerpoint will be sent to students at the beginning of their timetabled lesson. This will either be sent to the student using the assignment function or students will receive a notification on MS Teams.  Any relevant materials will be attached to the assignment, and any instructions will be clearly explained in the recording. Any student who views the assignment will be marked present on VSWare. 
A teacher may set a task using the assignment functions.  Clear written instructions will be provided along with any relevant resources. The assignment will be sent to the student at the beginning of their timetabled lesson and students will receive a notification on MS Teams.  Any student who views the assignment will be marked present on VSWare.  
Check in Call & Task
Teachers will be available for students at the beginning of the lesson to offer support, explain tasks and answer any questions they may have. This type of lesson will have ‘Check-in Call’ in the title. Following a short discussion on a teams call, students will work on an assigned task for the remainder of the lesson, either individually or in groups using breakout rooms. Any student who joins the check-in call will be marked present on VSWare.

If a teacher has ongoing concerns about student engagement during lessons they will speak to the Year Head.

If your child is experiencing any difficulty accessing MS Office, please click here for support.  A member of staff will contact you as quickly as possible to help resolve the issue. 

The following links may be of some help:

Microsoft Teams – User Guide  

Accessing Teams via an Xbox or a Playstation

Continuing your learning at home

Finally, it is with great regret that our school is closed at the moment. However, we have planned carefully for this and both students and teachers have been trained in the use of MS Teams.  Our teachers are prepared and ready to support your child over the coming weeks.  We look forward to welcoming all our students back to school as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Stay safe

Sharon McGrath