Some of the Students in Boboli Gardens

On Thursday the 2nd of May, thirty six 5th and TY students went on a four day school tour to Montecatini, Siena and Rome. The exciting journey began at 11am when we met in Dublin Airport. That evening we checked into a lovely hotel and had dinner. The day ended with a funicular up the mountains where we saw the incredible sights of the city. Although it was dark the view of the twinkling bright lights was truly spectacular. After that we were glad to return to the hotel as we were exhausted after the long journey.

The following morning, we got a coach to Pisa. We visited the leaning tower of Pisa and continued to Florence where we met our tour guide.  Everyone was really impressed with the beautiful architecture and monuments. We also saw the gates of Paradise, a truly amazing work of art. That night while we were asleep two teachers who shall not be named, thought they heard students sneaking out on the balcony. Each teacher pulled up their shutters, jumped out onto the balcony and shouted “aha, got you!” However there were no students to be seen but two embarrassed teachers pointing at each other!

The next day the tour of Florence continued. The weather was perfect for wandering around the beautiful Boboli Gardens. We were lucky to be able to view some of the most famous Italian painting in Pitti Palace. Later that day we took a trip to Sienna where we roamed around the racetrack and cathedral. It was an amazing opportunity to explore the city and go shopping for souvenirs. That night we went back up the funicular where were delighted to try the real Italian ice-cream.

Early the next morning we checked out of the hotel and got a four hour coach transfer to Rome. While on the bus we got an opportunity to see the amazing architecture of Rome. The bus brought us to the Coliseum. We were ecstatic to be able to take photos of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. From the Coliseum we traveled to the Vatican City. We visited St. Peter`s Basilica where we saw the beautifully sculpted Pieta by Michelangelo.

From the Vatican City, we got a bus back to the Airport where we began our journey home. Everyone was sad to leave, but we were also looking forward to seeing our families and friends again. We would like to thank the teachers for giving up their time as well as their bank holiday Monday to accompany us on such an unforgettable tour – grazie mille.

Ericia 5th Year Student