Junior Cycle Introduction

/Junior Cycle Introduction
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Parents and Guardians

We are conscious that the transition of your child from primary to post-primary education, marks another milestone in your child’s development. As you help your child through this transition, it is natural to feel a degree of anxiety and concern at the challenges before them.

We hope that you find this information is worthwhile and will address any concerns that you may have regarding subject choices.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the college.

Please remember to have your completed forms returned to the main office on or before the stated deadline.

A Brief Outline of Our Aims and Objectives

At Fingal Community College, our Educational Aims include a commitment to:

  • Build on the knowledge, understanding, skills and competencies acquired at primary school.
  • Develop each student’s personal and social confidence, initiative and competence through a broad, well-balanced general education.
  • Prepare each student for the requirements of third-level education, employment and the demands and challenges of adult lift.
  • Contribute to the moral and spiritual development of the young person and to develop an understanding and respect for the values and beliefs of others.
  • Prepare the young person for the responsibilities of citizenship, in the national context and in the context of the wider international community. Recognise the need to provide broadly based programmes for all students, at levels appropriate to their ability.