Written by Cassandra Carey (3rd year Sonas)

As a part of Wellbeing Week, our teachers and other staff members organised a culture day as a way to celebrate and understand the many different counties and cultures that so many of our students originate from. The countries involved in culture day were Poland, Latvia, Ireland, Nigeria, Croatia, Angola, Ghana, Brazil, Germany, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, Philippians, Scotland and South Africa.

The students who participated in the event were asked to make a cuisine native to their country. For example, the Polish table made ‘Chrusty’, which is fried pastry covered in powdered sugar; and the Nigerian table had ‘Puff Puff’ which is a fried dough. Students were also asked to print out a few words and sentences that are commonly used in their language and to bring in a flag to represent their country.

Each class period students from every year came to the PE hall and tried the different foods and learned about the countries. Culture day was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves.