Geography is concerned with the interrelationship between human activities and their environment. Through their study of Geography, students will develop geography skills that will help them make informed judgements about issues at local, national and international levels.

Why study Geography?
  • It will promote awareness of the spatial, structural and temporal patterns of environmental phenomena.
  • It will promote the conservation and sustained management of the earth’s resources.
  • I t will recognise and be sensitive to other people and their culture, here in Ireland and elsewhere.
  • It will develop a variety of geographical skills which can be applied to the world of work and to many other aspects of life.
Course Content:

The course is divided into units of study:

  • Core Unit 1 – Patterns and processes in the physical environment
  • Core Unit 2 – Regional Geography
  • Core Unit 3 – Geographical investigation
Plus ONE of the following two electives:

Elective 4 – Patterns and processes in economic activities

Elective 5 – Patterns and processes in human environment.

Plus ONE of the following areas of study (FOR HIGHER LEVEL ONLY)

Option 6 – Global interdependence

Option 7 – Geo-ecology

Option 8 – Culture and identity

Option 9 – The atmosphere-ocean environment.


The students’ competency in the application and use of geographical skills will be examined in the written examination and the geographical investigation. A report on the completed geographical investigation will be submitted for assessment at the end of term one in 6th Year. No group projects will be accepted. This must be an individual study and must reflect the syllabus content. 20% of the overall mark will go towards this study and 80% of the overall mark will be awarded for the written terminal exam.

What kind of Student?

The type of student suited to this subject would be basically interested in precise Geographical work. It does require a certain attention to detail and an ability to analyse and evaluate. The subject should be intrinsically interesting to most students. The course is designed to dovetail in with most other subjects including Biology and Economics.

It is difficult to get a good grade in Geography without consistent hard work. A good standard of English is required for Higher Level Geography.

Career Links

Career links include surveying, architecture, mineral development, meteorology, agriculture, civil service work, particularly in certain aspects of the E.U., fishing, forestry, urban planning and teaching.