On Wed, the 13th of Nov the 6th Yr. Biology students took part in an Ecology tour of Dublin Zoo. The tour was designed as a revision trip and it demonstrated all of the Ecology procedures required for the Leaving Certificate.

When the class entered the Zoo we were divided into groups of four, with each group being given an equipment pack and a map. The groups spent two hours carrying out the various tasks assigned to them. The activities started in Phoenix Park, where students carried out an investigation about the surrounding habitat and surveyed the different plants and animals there.

Once the tasks were completed we took a few hours to walk around and view the amazing animals. It was fascinating looking at the different varieties of animals and observing how they interacted with each other. There were lots to see from the meerkats to the lions, all with their own unique characteristics.

We explored the various different enclosures within the zoo; we saw the giraffes and zebras in the African Savannah enclosure as well as the magnificent gorilla rainforest, reptile and bird houses.

The trip was a huge benefit to us all. It gave us an opportunity to put theory into practice while also allowing us to enjoy the day at Dublin Zoo.

Erica 6th Yr Student