Croke Park 2016

The TY students of Fingal Community College experienced a truly unforgettable experience on the 6th of October when they visited Croke Park. They were greeted by their guides Liam and Tom and brought directly to the Dublin Team’s dressing rooms. The students took in the magical views of The Spire, Mountjoy Prison and the Botanic Gardens as they walked along the skyline.

The tour ended at the interactive games room and the museum. Students learned the History of The GAA and how it brought communities together. They saw old football attire that men and women wore. The students marked the event by taking photos of outside the entrance to Croke Park.

Trip to the Irish Film Institute

On the 17th of November, the Transition Year and 5th Year German group went to the Irish Film Institute in the City Centre to watch the German film 13 Minutes.

Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, 13 Minutes is about Georg Elser, a man who attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler by setting a time bomb to go off metres from where Hitler is giving a speech in a Munich beer hall to members of the Nazi party.

Unfortunately Georg’s plan fails and Hitler leaves the beer hall 13 minutes before the bomb goes off, Georg is apprehended by Nazi soldiers for trying to break into the beer hall and is ultimately arrested moments before the bomb goes off for wearing a Communist party pin.

The rest of the film shows Georg go through numerous brutal interrogations by the Nazis after they discover bomb construction plans in his pocket and recounts his earlier life through flashbacks while he struggles to deal with the fact that 8 innocent people were killed in the bombing.

Overall it seemed everyone liked the film and enjoyed the characters and storyline, we also learned a lot about the Nazis and the real life Georg Elser upon whom the film is based on. We enjoyed the day and would happily go back to the Irish Film Institute again.

Written by Adam

Rang Oisín

Seachtain na Gaeilge 2015

Olivia, Jan agus Sorcha gnóthach ag ceartú na ceisteanna i rith Tráth na gCeist 2015.


Learning from the Professionals 

On Wednesday, 17th of September, the Art class went to Dublin City Centre to visit the National Gallery of Art. We were looking for guidance and inspiration for our up and coming craft exhibition to be held in the school on Friday the 14th of November.The guided tour started with an array of sculptures then onto the Beit wing to examine some of the finest Masterpieces in the world from the early Renaissance to well-known artists such as Monet and Picasso. Throughout the tour emphasis was placed on how exhibitions are set up and organised. We were very grateful for the inside tips and guidance.Then it was off to the Zoological exhibition in the National Museum of Ireland. We saw animals from Ireland and all over the world. It was a most educational and worthwhile morning and now we can concentrate on planning our own exhibition. Special thanks to our teacher Ms. Lynch for organising this for us.

 Written by Hanna


C’est Magnifique

Lunch Menu

Quiche Lorraine & Side Salad

Cassoulet & Fresh Bread



Pear/Apple Almond Tart

As part of our Home Economics module this year we specialise in learning all about ethnic cookery. This week we took the opportunity to explore the delightful food of France. Our aim was to create a simple French lunch and invite our French teacher down to sample our efforts. We made quiche and a simple cassoulet for main course and the desserts were unbelievable. Masterchef Ciarán, with the help of Gordon Ramsey (via youtube) made the spectacular profiteroles photographed below. The pear/apple almond tart also finished the lunch off beautifully. The table was set with French colours and the class enjoyed sitting down to such beautiful food. My only question is – where to next?





German Film – ‘Weil Ich Schöner Bin’

On Thursday the 16th of January, the TY and the 6th Year students studying German went to the Goethe Institute in Dublin City Centre to see the film ‘Weil Ich Schöner Bin’ (Because I Am Beautiful). The film is about a Colombian girl named Charo who grows up in Berlin as an illegal immigrant and feels entirely at home in the city but when her mother is ordered to leave, Charo is determined to stay and seek help from her lawyer Jutta. We left Temple Bar at 1:30 pm after having an hour to get something to eat. All in all, it was an enjoyable day.




The National Museum of Ireland

On Thursday the 24th of October, the Transition Year class went on a trip into Dublin city centre for Classical Studies. Before we headed for the National Museum we explored the city and saw very popular buildings such as the GPO and Trinity College which have a classical architecture. Once this was done we headed for the museum. This was a great opportunity to learn about various parts of History such as the different Roman Gods and the burial rituals of the Egyptians. The class was given a tour of the artefacts that belonged to some of the Roman citizens such as statues of god with 2 faces known as Janus, a coffin with carvings of a funeral marked on it and a real life mummy that was recovered from a tomb in ancient Egypt. Once the tour was over the class was free to roam the museum and explore further. While roaming the museum the class came across a preserved body and ancient weapons used by Egyptians. The National Museum of Ireland was a very interesting and made Classical Studies and History come to life.

Written by Garrett and Aoife


Historical Tour of Glasnevin


TY students at the grave of Eamon De Valera

The Abbey Theatre

On Thursday the 10th of October, the TY class was given the opportunity to visit the Abbey Theatre in Dublin city. We left early to get a backstage tour around the theatre before catching a play in the evening. The tour guide brought us all around and we were given an insight into the many stories and conspiracies the theatre had to offer. We never realised just how much history was associated with the Abbey. It was all summarised nicely was an amazing collection of historical art work.

In the evening we saw a play by Frank McGuinness called “The Hanging Garden”. The play was about an ageing writer (Sam) and his wife.  They had reached a stage in their lives when everything was perfect; lovely home, well manicured garden and a grown up family. This quickly changed as Sam ‘s memory deteriorated and the family struggled to cope with it all. This play gave us some ideas for our drama this year, which we hope to stage in February 2014.

Written by Brian