Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware the COVID-19 virus is a fast-moving situation and the decision to close schools has been made by the Government. The principle underlying the closure is to ensure that the most vulnerable in our communities are protected from transmission of the disease. We have been asked to work together to protect our loved ones and the wider community. We can all play our part in promoting an ethos of care for the people around us through attention to hand hygiene, social distancing and other guidance from the HSE as it emerges.

We have prepared a plan to keep teaching and learning going throughout the period of closure. I want to sincerely thank the staff of Fingal Community College who have worked very hard to put this contingency plan in place.  Please note the following:

  1. Fingal Community College will communicate with parents through texts, this website, Twitter and FaceBook and with students via their MS365 email address.  Please ask students to check their email regularly.
  2. Our teachers all have plans to continue delivering teaching during this period of closure. Teachers will use a variety of methods to communicate with students and in many cases teachers will already have explained what method of communication to expect.  This communication will start on Wednesday 18th March and will continue for the duration of the school closure.
  3. Any student who is having difficulty accessing work from teachers should contact the teacher through the agreed channels or they can contact me directly at
  4. From Wednesday 18th March students will be asked to make themselves available during the day to interact with learning content sent by their teachers.  We ask students to structure their day and to continue generally in line with their school timetable.  Teachers will deliver in as accessible a way as possible.  Some of the delivery methods will include use of existing technologies, which can include smart phones and/or other devices. 
  5.  Students with additional needs will be guided in a way that best supports their particular learning needs and will be contacted on an individual basis. 
  6. The administrative team in the office may be working remotely so the school phone may not be answered nor voicemails accessed.  Emails will continue to be dealt with and any follow up phone calls will be made where necessary. The school email is
  7. Once plans are in place to reopen the school, you will receive either an email and/or a text message a few days beforehand

We have an opportunity to come together to limit the impact of this disease, both on our physical health and mental well-being.  Regardless of the significant disruption that this is bringing, we look forward to continuing working with our Fingal families, albeit from a distance.  The partnership between home and school that is a core value in Fingal CC will now serve us all very well. Thank you sincerely for your cooperation.

Sharon McGrath