It is important that the enclosed information is carefully read before the options are considered:

Identify the subjects/options that you think might suit you best and justify your choices.

Many subjects have value in their own right and may enhance the quality of your life.

Assess your strengths:
  • Are you good with your hands?
  • Do you like drawing/painting?
  • Do you really enjoy mathematics?
  • Are you neat and careful?
  • Are you logical and methodical?

At this stage in a young person’s life it is best not to specialise, but choose a range of subjects from different groups.

The Process

  1.   Completed application forms are returned to the College for processing by a set date.
  2.   All places are confirmed in writing by the College before assessment takes place.
  3.   Students are assessed in the New Year.
  4.   An information evening is then held to assist parents of incoming students.
  5.   Rules and regulations of the school are given to parents.
  6.   A place is offered on the understanding that parents and students accept the rules etc. and are willing to observe them in the interest of good order and fair play for all.
  7.  Students are offered optional subjects and are placed into class groupings.
  8.  The College will endeavour to satisfy each student’s choice, however class size restrictions apply.

First Year Taster Programme

As a first year student in Fingal Community College, you will have the unique opportunity to sample the option subjects for a number of weeks before you have to choose a subject. You will be asked to choose your short course subject/Other Area of Learning by the October  midterm. Before you start you will choose your short course subject and your language.