On Wednesday the 22nd of May, Transition Year (TY) students presented an outstanding production of the play ‘Chatroom’ by Enda Walsh. The play, directed by their teacher Mr O`Loughlin, was held in the school hall. Students (over 15), teachers, friends and family members were exposed to the many issues teenagers are faced with in today’s modern world.

The play highlights the challenges of a teenager struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. The script by Enda Walsh, an Irish playwright, explores a teenager`s interpretation of depression and suicide and ultimately the development of a relationship between six teenagers brought together by Internet chatrooms. The play is set in an online chatroom, in which the main character Jim, played by Adam, joins to find help and support for his depression. While students Laura, played by Emma, Emily, played by Maureen, and Jack, played by Michael, try to help Jim; the incredibly engaging characters William, played by Alex and Eva, played by Jodie, want to manipulate him into ending his own life.

The wonderful production started when each character (except Jim) walked out into the audience, looked around and delivered a chilling stare to everyone in the audience. The actors were wearing white masks, highlighting that in a chatroom, people mask their identity. Firstly, we were given a background into each character before and after they meet Jim, and we saw how the characters and the relationsionship between them developed throughout the play.

The play was wonderfully executed and the performances were outstanding. The music gave the audience a chance to take a break from the intense dialogue. Everyone was affected by the serious issues that were raised throughout the play and it gave plenty of scope for further discussion. It was incredible to witness the many talents in the school both on and off stage. It marked the end of a very busy year for the TY students.

Erica 5th Year Student

Photo taken by Dr Parkinson