Day 1 (Triacastela – Sarria) 

Twenty seven students and three teachers started on their Camino adventure on the 27th of April 2016 with their bags packed and with happy faces we all set off to tackle this challenge ahead of us. Naturally we were feeling confident and shook off the first day from Triacastela to Sarria as if it was a quick pop down to the Spar for a cheeky Magnum. We arrived in the early afternoon and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Day 2 (Sarria – Portomarin)

Unfortunately due to the easiness of Day 1, people found it somewhat difficult to fall asleep so everyone was a bit cranky. Nevertheless we all carried on to Portomarin, taking in the beautiful scenery. As we finally approached Portomarin we were met with our harshest challenge so far, climbing up the stairs at the entrance, as seen on Fingal CC’s Twitter page. This instantly made us hate Portomarin somewhat. This was the day we all stayed in one room and oh boy there was banter to be had, we all had a relaxed day and a bit of a stroll around the town then we all happily fell into bed and slept like a rock.

Day 3 (Portomarin – Palas De Rei)

As we watched Sean’s smug face driving past in his taxi we picked ourselves up, funnelled breakfast in and got back on the road. Today was great fun but at this stage people were really feeling the roughly 68km on them. Today was the celebration of Destiny’s 16th birthday as we sang the happy birthday song and annoyed the locals. Exhaustion made quick work of everyone and we all happily slept.

Day 4 (Palas De Rei – Ribadiso)

On the fourth day a previously injured Sean rose again and joined us in the land of the walking also known as the not lazy and getting a taxi, like dude, come on, you had crutches you could have at least tried, your toe was sore you weren’t in a full body cast. Besides that today we all really were starting to suffer, blisters, aches and pains were taking down even the fittest of us. When we reached the secluded hostel we all made our way down to the river to soak our nauseating feet in the freezing river and we managed to get a river side picture which can be seen on the school’s twitter.

Day 5 (Ribadiso – Pedrouzo)

Today, our last day we were determined to finish the Camino together as a shmad fam. It was a challenge but we finally rounded everyone up and we all walked into the Santiago much to our dismay we discovered we had another 5km to the Cathedral, which included more slopes, winding paths, heavy traffic, and getting lost. We could not have looked more like tourists in that last stretch than we had looked in the entire trip, it was sickening. Finally we reached the Cathedral and after a brief period of taking in the sights we all promptly fell to the ground and revelled in our accomplished. It was at this point Andrew Conway remarked “I don’t know why bothered coming here I could’ve just looked this up on google maps like” it was a tremendous achievement and we are extremely thankful to the school and the teachers for this opportunity.

Jessica and Andrew 5th Yr students