The purpose of the school’s policy on Attendance and Punctuality is to encourage regular school attendance and participation in the life of the school. Regular attendance and good punctuality help students to develop into responsible adults.

Fingal Community College submits a student absence report to the National Education Welfare Board (NEWB) five times a year. The school must notify the NEWB if a student has 20 days cumulative absence or if a student has been suspended for six days. The NEWB will follow up on students who are not attending school regularly.

Students must be in the school building by 8:35am each morning. Accurate attendance registers are kept by tutors. Absences are followed up and tutors check for notes from parents / guardians when the student returns to school.

The school promotes and encourages good attendance by awarding Certificates of Attendance to each class group twice a year.

Each subject teacher keeps an accurate record of attendance for each teaching group.

1st and 2nd Years must remain in school at lunchtime. 3rd, 5th and 6th Years may leave school at lunchtime but must return in good time for the three afternoon lessons.

Students will be detained for a period of 15 minutes for every occasion that they come to school after 8:45am (unless they have a note from parents/guardians explaining their lateness)

Students must arrive on time to each class throughout the day and failure to arrive on time may incur sanctions from the subject teacher. Persistent lateness to class may be reported to the Year Head and further sanctions may be applied.

Students who need to leave the school early for an appointment (e.g. Doctor, Dentist etc.) must present a note of explanation in advance to their Year head. This note is signed by the Year head and must be produced at the office by the student before they can sign out for their scheduled appointment.

In the event of a student becoming ill while at school the Year Head may give permission for contact to be made with the parent/guardian. This contact is made through the office. He/She must remain at reception until contact is made with the student’s parents/guardians.

The school promotes and encourages good attendance by awarding Certificates of Attendance to each class group twice a year.

Students who leave school without permission or who choose not to attend school without the permission of their parents/guardians will be dealt with by the Year Head who will notify the Principal or Deputy Principal. The student’s parents / guardians will be alerted and sanctions to deal with such students may include suspension from the school.