In Art, Craft & Design you will have the opportunity to create images and objects using a variety of tools, materials and special equipment. To understand Art, Craft & Design it is important to make things yourself so that you learn and understand by doing.

What will I learn in Art,Craft & Design?

In Art,Craft & Design you will:

  • investigate by looking and recording your observations and experiences
  • learn a variety of new crafts.
  • learn to work in 3-D e.g. construction, sculpture or clay work.
  • learn about the design process and how to use it to create new design objects and images.
  • learn to make links between your artwork and that of other artists, craft workers, architects and designers from different countries and historical periods.
How will I learn Art, Craft & Design in school?

As you progress in Art, Craft, Design you will learn to work like an artist, crafts person, and designer. Some of the things you may do with your teacher and classmates are:

  • develop your observational skills through drawing, painting and other media.
  • use a variety of materials and resources (including ICT) and explore the different ways in which they can be used.
  • learn how to plan, manage and complete your art works.
  • try your best at homework and assignments.
How can I learn more about Art,Craft & Design outside of school?

Some of the things you may do are:

  • look at and think about visual images from film, cartoons, books, billboards etc.
  • keep a visual diary, where you will store knowledge, ideas, photographs, observations, etc.
  • visit local and national art, craft & design centres and libraries.
  • use the Internet, where you can find styles and types of art, craft and design from your own country and from other countries.
How will I know how I’m getting on?

As you progress in Art, Craft & Design:

  • you will be able to see and judge for yourself how you are progressing.
  • your teacher will tell you how your skills have improved as you become a better artist.
  • you will evaluate your own and other’s work through class discussions.
What is the Art, Craft & Design Junior Certif cate Exam like?

In Art, Craft & Design, you will be examined in two ways:

  • course-work in third year, you will do a school-based project, chosen from a list of themes. You will research your theme, do preparatory work and complete a painting or graphic design, a craft piece, and a 3-D piece.  You will relate your work to other artist’s work.
  • an examination takes place in May during which you will draw an object and a person.You can take Art, Craft & Design at Higher or at Ordinary Level.  When the time comes to decide, your Teacher will help you choose the level that suits you best.
Is learning Art, Craft & Design anything like what I did in primary school?

You have already been expressing your creative abilities through drawing, paint and colour, print, clay, construction, fabric and fibre in primary school.  You will continue to build on these skills and you will also learn to use other tools,materials and special equipment to create images and objects.

Will Art, Craft & Design have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Art, Craft & Design is all around you so it links with all subjects especially:  Technical Graphics, Home Economics, Technology, Materials Technology (Wood), Metalwork, Religious Education, SPHE and CSPE.

Will Art, Craft & Design be very different after the Junior Certificate?

After the Junior Certificate, you may be able to choose Art as an option for your Leaving Certificate.  You will continue to build on the artistic skills you developed in Junior Certificate, and you will be offered greater challenges.  You will continue to study the history and appreciation of art, craft & design, and the built environment in more detail.

How will Art, Craft & Design be useful to me?

Many of the skills you learn while studying Art, Craft & Design are very useful outside of school and in whatever job you choose to do in the future.  There are many career opportunities in Art, Craft & Design – areas such as: photography, illustration, interior/industrial/fashion design, education and architecture.

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