In March, the 2nd Years were very lucky to go to Bundoran in Co. Donegal on a Language and Adventure trip. We were accompanied by two of our Language teachers Ms O’Connell, Ms McMahon and our Year Head Mr Burke.  The action packed trip lasted three days and two nights. When we got there, we were warmly welcomed by an instructor. They gave us our rooms, the boys on the lower floor and the girls on the third floor. Breakfast was prepared by Tania, a worker there and lunch and dinner were served at a nearby restaurant ‘La Sabbia’.  There was a great choice of meals each of which were very tasty.  Instructors were there to guide us during surfing, an adventure course, night lining, ab sailing, rock climbing and the leap of faith.  The language workshops were extremely helpful and made us look at learning different languages in a new perspective.  We all agreed that we had the time of our lives and it will be a trip we will never forget. We were heartbroken to leave everyone at the Donegal Adventure Centre. They were very easy to get along with and made our stay unforgettable. We recommend the trip to everyone and would love to go back next year but unfortunately we have the challenge of our Junior Cert to contend with.

Written by Marta & Carmela