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1. Fingal Community College is a co-educational, multi-denominational school under the patronage of Dublin Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board.

2. The College community is committed to implementing recent legislation relating to education, in particular the Education Act (1998), the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, the Equal Status Acts 200 and 2004, the Education of People with Special Education Needs Act 2004 and the Disability Act 2005.

3. The College subscribes to the principles of partnership, accountability, transparency, inclusion and respect for diversity, parental choice and equality.


Mission Statement

Our College is a caring and proud learning community committed to the pursuit of excellence. Students, teachers and parents are encouraged and supported to be the best that they can be in a school environment that respects diversity and fosters justice and equality for all.

4. This policy has been drawn up in consultation with the Board of Management, and has been approved and adopted by Dublin Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board.

The policy applies to all pupils who wish to enrol in the school and to their parents.

The Board of Management fully subscribes to the principles of partnership, accountability, transparency, inclusion, and respect for diversity and equality.

The school respects the right of parents to send their children to a school of the parents’ choice, subject to the resources available to the school including classroom accommodation, class size, teaching resources and financial resources and subject to the capacity of the school to provide for the needs of those who apply for admission. This policy provides for the admission of all boys and girls in the community regardless of nationality, religion, social class or educational need within the limits of available accommodation and facilities.

Fingal Community College welcomes all students for which the College can provide an appropriate education.  Our aim is to provide an inclusive and integrated education.  The College will not discriminate against an applicant for admission on the grounds of disability, special educational needs, sexual orientation, family status, gender, civil status, membership of the traveller community or race.

Application Forms are available from the school office and can be posted or emailed to parents. Application Forms can also be collected in person.

5. This policy underpins the school’s fundamental aim of providing an inclusive second level education open to all the children of the community.  This policy sets out procedures to be followed in all the following circumstances.

  • Students applying for a place in First Year
  • Students applying to repeat a year in the school
  • Students applying to transfer from another Second Level school in to any  year group or programme

The policy should be read in conjunction with the following appendices:

  • The School’s Code of Behaviour (Appendix 1)
  • The School’s Homework Policy (Appendix 2)
  • The School’s Policy on Special Educational Needs (Appendix 3)
  • The School’s Policy on Substance Abuse (Appendix 4)
  • The School’s Policy on Bullying (Appendix 5)
  • The School’s Policy on Accepted Internet Use (Appendix 6)
  • The School’s Procedures for students applying to repeat any year of any programme within the school including repeating the Leaving Certificate Programme (Appendix 7)
  • The School’s Policy on Transition Year. (Appendix 8)
  • Students from within the school applying for a place on any programme within the school  – Established Leaving Certificate, LCVP, Transition Year & LCA* (Appendix 9) *Fingal Community College does not currently offer the LCA programme but may do so in the future.

6. Curriculum

The curriculum of the school is governed by Department of Education and Skills regulations in accordance with sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act of 1998. School capacity and the requirements of the school curriculum inform the enrolment for educational programmes within each year group.

Fingal community College first opened its doors in 1985.  Its current student population has grown considerably in recent years and current enrolment is approximately 700 students.

In addition to Junior Cycle, the school offers Transition Year to a cohort of students – typically 48 each year – and in Senior Cycle it currently offers the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme as well as the Established Leaving Certificate.

Students in Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle are offered a very wide range of subjects and parents are given every opportunity to be part of this subject choice process.

7. Application Procedures – Into First Year

The Board of Management shall decide the maximum number of places to be offered for enrolment each academic year, mindful of the need to ensure overall student numbers do not exceed levels appropriate to the capacity of the College building and safety considerations

This number is calculated in Spring of each year by taking into account;

  • The capacity of the College to accommodate students in each year group at this time
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Agreed directives on class size
  • Ability of the College to deliver curriculum and programmes.

(a)   The Board of Management shall decide the appropriate period for inviting and accepting first year applications for an academic year and the appropriate final date for application.

With regard to applications for 1st Year entry for the academic year 2017-2018 the closing date for receipt of applications shall be Wednesday 12th October 2016 at 4pm. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and can be posted, emailed or personally delivered to the school. All applications will be acknowledged. All applications are date stamped but the date of receipt of applications received by the closing date does not accrue any benefit or disadvantage on pupils seeking places.

Applications for admission received by the final date for application shall be processed and offered places, if available, in the following order of priority:

  1. Pupils enrolled in any one of the prioritised primary schools (listed below) who have or had an older sibling attending Fingal Community College.
  2. Pupils enrolled in any one of the prioritised primary schools who are first of family or whose older sibling was unable to attend Fingal Community College for reasons deemed reasonable by the Board of Management.
  3. Applicants living in the greater Swords area enrolled in any one of the prioritised primary schools but not covered in previous subsections.
  4. All other applicants.

Prioritised Primary Schools


The Board of Management delegates authority to the Principal to process all applications to the college in line with the criteria as set out by the Board in this policy.

  • The school will have an Open Evening each year.  This will be publicised by contacting all prioritised Primary Schools and by advertising in the local press.
  • Application forms will be available for down load on the school’s website and will be forwarded to all 6th class students in prioritised primary schools and to others on application, together with the School’s Admissions Policy.
  • Application forms must be fully completed and signed by parent(s) or guardians(s) and returned to the College by the specified final closing date.
  • In some circumstances the school may request to meet with students and parents.

8. Offers of Places and Waiting Lists

  1. Places will be offered as early as possible after the end of the application period in accordance with the criteria set out above.
  2. All applicants who are not being offered a place will be informed in writing in accordance with the Education Act 1998 and the Education Welfare Act 2000 and will be entitled to appeal that decision in line with section 29 of the Education Act 1998.
  3. In the event of any category being oversubscribed a random lottery will take place and all students in this category will be numbered and remaining places will be filled from the lost. Students who do not gain a place are placed on a waiting list in numerical order. Applicants in any remaining category who applied on time will subsequently be numbered following a further lottery and placed on this waiting list after the names of students already on this list.
  4. Applications received after the final date will be classified as late and students’ names will be placed on this waiting list in numerical order following the names of students already on the waiting list. For late applications the date and time of application will determine the order in which pupils are placed on the waiting list. The waiting list will remain in operation for the duration of the academic year.
  5. All students entering 1st Year must be 12 years of age on 1st September of the year entering.
  6. Following the offer of a place a parent/guardian must contact the school and submit agreed documents.  The registration fee of €100 which is non-refundable must accompany the acceptance of a place.
  7. All students must attend for assessment at a date to be arranged in late January/early February each year. Where an accepted applicant fails take the Assessment Test on the specified date without good explanation, (as judged by school) his/her place will in turn be offered to each succeeding applicant with the highest current place on the waiting list. The Assessment Test will be used for the following purposes:
  • The Assessment Test guides the school in its assignment of students to 1st Year classes. All classes in 1st Year are mixed ability.
  • To help the school identify whether a students has special educational needs and the results may be used as a basis for seeking additional teaching or other resources from the Department of Education & Skills, in line with the school’s Special Educational Needs Policy.

8. With regard to students with special educational needs the application process will be the same as any other applicant.

The College will seek to identify the needs of the student and acquire the necessary resources to successfully meet those needs.

9. In order to assess the needs of the student the parents/guardians will be required to provide a copy of the student’s psychological reports and/or (where relevant) other reports. These are required to assess students’ needs and make application for resources.

10.If the student has not been previously assessed then the consent of the parents/guardians for assessment will be required.

Right of Appeal:

Every applicant who is refused enrolment under this policy is entitled to have their request considered by making an appeal if necessary to Dublin and Dun Laoghaire E.T.B.

Appeals should be made in the first instance to: Section 29 Appeals Unit, Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training (DDLETB), 1 Tuansgate, Belgard Square East, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Finally an appeal may be made to the Department of Education and Skills under the Section 29 appeals process.

9. Transfer of a Student into another Year Group other than First Year

Fingal Community College shall make every reasonable effort to facilitate a student seeking a transfer to the College from another second-level school.

Application on behalf of such students should be made to the Principal of the College, on the official Application Form.  Such application in no way grants rights to enrolment to the applicant.  The College shall issue a reply to such application indicating whether or not it has been accepted within twenty-one days of its receipt.

The Board of Management delegates authority to the Principal to process all applications to the college in line with the criteria as set out by the Board in this policy.

Applicants for enrolment in Fingal Community College under this policy shall be provided with a copy of the policy.

A decision shall be made based on considerations as to whether or not the transfer:

  1. Is in agreement with the school’s Admission Policy.
  2. Is in the best interest of the applicant.
  3. Is in the best interest of Fingal Community College and its students already enrolled at the time of application, with particular regard to the health, safety and welfare of the whole school community.
  4. Is of educational benefit to the applicant on enrolment.

Any application for transfer must include:

  •  A fully completed Application Form
  • All the relevant information from the former school. This will include academic school reports and student records regarding behaviour, attendance, suspension and or expulsion.
  • A fully completed Reference Form as supplied by Fingal Community College.

A consultation with the Educational Welfare Officer may be necessary.

If considering transfer applications, Fingal Community College shall take account the following factors:

  • the feasibility of providing programmes of study appropriate to the applicant’s needs,
  • the availability of subjects already studied by the applicant
  • the availability of subjects at the appropriate level
  • the stage of examination programme which the applicant has reached at the time application is made.

Where the Principal considers a student for a place, the decision shall be taken in consultation with the applicant’s parents/carers, her/his former school, and possibly the Educational Welfare Officer.  A meeting with the parent(s)/guardian(s) together with the applicant will take place. Where the decision is favourable, such a place may be offered immediately, or, where the Principal considers it would be better, may offer it with effect from the beginning of the next academic year.

Where the Principal does not offer a place to a student seeking a transfer from another school the Principal may refer the application to the Board of Management. In such cases the parent(s)/guardian(s) may also seek to have their application reviewed  by the Board of Management.

Students applying to repeat any year of any programme within the school (Appendix 7)

Each application to repeat any year of any programme within the school will be examined in consultation with the appropriate Year Head and will be considered if the application to repeat :

  • Is in agreement with the school’s Admission Policy.
  • Is in the best interest of the applicant.
  • Is in the best interest of Fingal Community College and its students already enrolled in the programme at the time of application.
  • Is of educational benefit to the applicant.

Students from within the school applying for a place in Transition Year or LCVP (Appendix 8)

Each application for a place in Transition Year or LCVP within the school will be examined in consultation with the student; his/her parent(s) / guardian(s); appropriate Year Head; programme coordinator. Applicants must comply with all entry requirements for such programmes as laid down by the Department of Education and Skills.


Updated June 2016