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Transition Year

The Transition Year is a one-year programme between the end of the Junior Certificate and the beginning of the Leaving Certificate programme.

Does the Transition Year have a fixed curriculum?

No each school devises its own programme and it varies from year to year, taking into account the needs of the class and the resources available. The programme provides for the development of personal and social skills. It encourages research and activity-based selfdirected learning, both inside and outside the classroom.

What are the main benefits of doing Transition Year?

A significant benefit to the student is the space provided by the year to grow and mature at a sensitive and key stage of transition through adolescence into young adult life. By sampling a wide range of subject areas students can make more informed choices about the kind of Leaving Certificate programme they may wish to follow at the end of the Transition Year. Research indicates that those taking Transition Year achieve more points in the Leaving Certificate.


Activities that may feature on the Transition Year calendar:
Speakers from charitable groups Careers Safe Pass
Community work Choir First Aid 
Physical Education (P.E.) Computers  Social care in the Community 
Media Training World Affairs  Scifest Competition 
Irish Driving Course  Gaisce Presidents Award 
English & Drama  Work Experience  ECDL 
Maths Peace and Social Justice  Logon Learning 
French, German, Spanish Outdoor Pursuits Weekend  AIB Build A Bank Competition 
Home Economics  Young Scientist Competition  Self Defense Training 
Visits to Theatres  History, Art Development Education 
Mini-Company  Peer Education  Writing a Blog 
Religion  Skin Care   
Science  Enterprise Competition   


Is the Transition Year a help to further study?

The vast majority of students, on completion of the Transition Year proceed to the Leaving Certificate. It is generally recognised by teachers that a Transition Year Programme equips the now more mature student with a broader range of skills and insights to deal more effectively with a Leaving Certificate programme. There is growing evidence from third level institutions that students who have taken Transition Year are more self-reliant learners.


Do students get any homework in Transition Year?

Yes, homework is an important part of Transition Year. In addition to traditional styles of
homework, students do projects, assignments and research on a variety of topics. These can
involve students in a considerable amount of demanding work. Students also complete an
online portfolio of all their best work in each subject area.

How many places are available?

At present due to demand the school is currently offering one transition year class. The Board of
Management will review this each year.

Certification and Graduation

At the end of the year parents are invited to a formal presentation of certificates including a Transition Year Certificate awarded by the Department of Education and Skills. The ceremony includes a display of students’ work which is organised by the students.

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