Literacy Drive

Words of the Week (2014-15)

Sept 8th       renegade, disparage,retrieve
Sept 15th    scurrilous, convert, audacious
Sept 22nd   perceive, retribution, gregarious
Sept 29th   pugnacious, dire, contrast
Oct 6th   ambiguous, analyse, annotate
Oct 13th   apathy, avarice, bigot
Oct 20th   capitulate, characterise, comment
Nov 10th   cursory, dawdle, defiant
Nov 17th   confide, correlation, credible
Nov 24th   confide, correlation, credible
Dec 2nd   deny, ecstatic, eerie
Dec 8th   feasible, fodder, fortitude
Dec 15th   elaborate, endeavour, evoke
Jan 5th   fury, gluttony, illustrate
Jan 12th   condemn, component, prior
Jan 19th   composition, artefact, perspective
Jan 26th   elongate, transparent, opaque
Feb 23rd   source, merit, initiative
March 2nd   analyse, assist, function
March 16th   deficiency, inhibit, statutory
March 23rd   classification, impact, purpose
April 13th    extent, properties, texture
April 20th    adaptive, consultation, engagement
April 27th    collectively, indebtedness, pretentious


Words of the Week (2013-14)

Sept 9th   inclement, hereditary, superstitious
Sept 16th   compose, contrast, reference
Sept 23rd    exploratory, assess, critique
Sept 30th   taught, fascinating, achievement
Oct 7th   caricature, epiphany, parody
Oct 14th   sense, receive, illustrate
Oct 21st   animosity, pristine, dilemma
Nov 4th   hypothetical, fastidious, gingerly
Nov 11th    coerce, deferential, repudiate
Nov 18th   insatiable, fractious, complacency
Nov 25th   inveterate, obsequious, panacea
Jan 6th   prosper, irate, resolutions
Jan 13th   obscure, supercilious, atrocious
Jan 20th    austere, oxymoron, superfluous
Feb 3rd   justify, evaluate, appraise
Feb 10th   estimate, evaluate, conclude
March 3rd   enviable, appraise, formulate
March 10th   hyperbole, judicious, empathize
March 18th   paradoxical, iridescent, conglomerate
March 24th   a lot (not alot!), indiscriminate, dexterous
March 31st   protagonist, hyperbole, ardent
April 7th    ambiguous, disposition, rhetoric
May 6th    evaluate, poignant, motif



World Book Day 2013 

This year students were encouraged to add a book title to the Crann Eolais and make bookmarks. Senior students were asked to pick a line in a poem/song that influenced them.

There were various competitions this year including writing a story in 6 words. Out of many entries the following won prizes:

  • Airport. Struggling to watch him go.
  • Two rocking chairs; occupied by memories.
  • Hospital bed, crying, screaming, new life.
  • "I love you too" she lied.

Below is a sample of another competition titled "What School Means to Me..."

“To me, my school is a place that points me in the direction in which my future will go, if I behave at school and do everything to the best of my ability, life will treat me well. But, if I don’t, I must live out the rest of my life thinking “What if”.”

  “At the moment school is one of the biggest factors in my life, not only do you get an education you learn to communicate and make friends.”

“Giggles echo in the classroom, laughter bounces off the walls, smiles brighten the gloomy interior.  Some days we sit, head in our hands, wishing we were elsewhere, but, some days things are different.  Teachers and pupils go from foes to friends as they unite in a joke.”

 “Great place for learning and growing.”

 “If I didn’t go to school, I wouldn’t become what I have a chance to become.”

 “School is a place where dreams come true.”

“For most people it’s “school, ugh, the effort of it”! Fortunately, I know school is more than that.  School is preparing us for jobs, for life, because adulthood is not easy.  Before I came to school, I was a shy, under confident girl, and for a while it stayed like that.  But then, I found things I like, who I wanted to be.”