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Mission Statement

Through co-operation and mutual respect between the partners in education, the students, the teaching staff, parents and the Board of Management, we strive to ensure that each student achieves his/her full potential. The school reserves the right to adapt or modify this code in response to changing patterns of behaviour among students.

Experience has taught us that the majority of our students are well behaved and comply fully with our Code of Behaviour. We are proud of our students. The following legislation was considered in the creation of our Code of Behaviour:

  • Article 42 of the Irish Constitution
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Education Act 1988 – Sections 28 & 29
  • Education (Welfare) Act 2000 – Section 23
  • Equal Status Act 2000


The standards of behaviour expected:
  • The school operates on the basis of providing a learning environment that is disciplined, planned and orderly.
  • All students are expected to work to the best of their ability and to show respect for people and property. They should, at all times, behave in a manner which brings credit to themselves, their family and their school. They should not engage in rowdy behaviour, disobedience or use foul language.
  • Students must attend on a daily basis.
  • School officially opens at 8.35 a.m. Parents should be aware that only limited supervision is provided between 8.35 a.m. and 8:45a.m.
School Hours:

8:45a.m. to 3.35 p.m. – Monday to Thursday.
8:45a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Friday

  • Students must be punctual, not just in the morning and following break times, but for all classes.
  • Students are expected to attend all lessons on time and as per timetable.
  • Students must attend in full uniform. Students who are not in full uniform donot have permission to attend class unless first authorised by the Principal or the Deputy Principal.
  • Students must have all books/equipment with them for the class lessons for each day.
  • Students should line up outside the classroom and should not enter a classroom unless accompanied by a teacher.
  • Students should not leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission.
  • All students have a right to learn and to progress in an orderly fashion. Therefore all students’ behaviour should contribute towards every lesson being a positive experience for each student, under the guidance and direction of each teacher.
  • Students are requested to walk in an orderly and quiet fashion on the left hand side of the corridors, while moving about the building.
  • Students must attend Assembly in the college hall when requested.
  • Students must use their phones responsibly. Mobile phones, camera phones, Walkmans, MP3 players and all other devices for recording and communicating must be turned off and not used as per our Mobile Phone Policy.
Please Note: For the attention of parents and students

All discipline matters and health difficulties are dealt with through the school office directly with the family concerned Students must not use their phones to call or text their parents to report a discipline or health issue. We will not be in a position to respond to a parent’s enquiry resulting from a call or text from a student’s mobile phone.


A Positive Focus
  • Students’ achievements, academic or otherwise, will be recognised.
  • Rewards will be accessible to all students.
  • Assembly will be used as an opportunity to acknowledge achievements and to foster a sense of community
Rewards for good behaviour include:
  • Positive notes in the student’s journal
  • Praise from staff
  • Responsibilities given
  • Merit awards
  • Public affirmation through newsletters
  • The display of students’ work throughout the College.
Teaching and Learning is central to all activities in Fingal Community College and anything that inhibits teaching and learning is a cause for concern. Improving learning outcomes for all students is the primary focus of the College. Our aim is to create a safe and secure environment where each individual is enabled to develop personally, academically and socially. The College responds to unacceptable behaviour in the following ways:
  • Smoking on the school premises and grounds is illegal. Offenders will be reported to the appropriate authorities who may impose a serious fine. Parents will also be notified of smoking offences. Serious sanctions will follow and may include suspension and/or expulsion.
  • Possession of any illegal substances for either personal use or distribution will, in all cases, be reported to the Gardai. Parents will be notified and other serious sanctions will follow and may include suspension and/or expulsion.
  • All illegal instruments (penknives etc) are forbidden. If discovered, the matter will be reported to parents and the Gardai. The item(s) will then be confiscated. Serious sanctions will apply.
  • All incidents of bullying should be reported to a parent, teacher, Year Head, Deputy Principal or the Principal. All reported incidents of bullying will be given priority and may be referred on to the Gardai.
  • If a student is struck by another student, he/she is advised to report the matter immediately to a teacher and should not retaliate. In the event of the student striking back, both students will be interviewed. Their parents will be contacted. The students may then be sent home while the matter is further investigated. Parents will be informed, at the earliest possible date, of the outcome of the investigation. Further sanctions will be applied where appropriate.
Plan for implementing good behaviour.
  • Morning and Lunch Break: Students should be provided with a nutritious and balanced lunch. Fizzy drinks and crisps are not recommended. Popcorn and chewing gum are forbidden in the school. A supervised open-air facility is provided for the students to play games and socialise in an orderly fashion.
  • Students are not permitted to use the toilets during class change over. Students should use the facilities during lunch and morning breaks, thus avoiding missing valuable class time. Admission to the facilities is supervised by teaching staff.
  • Lockers: Lockers are allocated on a contract basis at the beginning of every year by the appropriate Year Head. Students pay for their own lock. Lockers should be maintained in a clean and safe manner and should be locked when not in use. Please remember that books provided by the school are rented and remain the property of the school. Students have access to their lockers before tutorial, during lunch and after last class. Lockers must not be shared! Failure to comply with regulations may result in the withdrawal of the facility and on the removal of books from that student.
  • Permission to leave school: Only students from Third, TY, Fifth and Sixth Years have permission to leave school at lunchtime. No student may leave during morning break. Students are expected to behave in a responsible and respectful way while off the premises. Littering on the streets and residents’ gardens is strictly forbidden. Failure to behave in such a way will result in the withdrawal of this lunchtime privilege for an individual, a complete year group, or indeed all students, if the misbehaviour is serious enough. The concession to leave school for lunch break is a privilege, not a right! Permission for hospital/dental appointments etc. must be requested by phone call/letter from parents/guardians. Letters must be dated
  • Absences: All absences must be explained in writing. Under the Education Welfare Act 2000, the school must record all absences. All recorded absences are submitted to the Welfare Board four times during school year. Any student, under the age of sixteen who exceeds twenty days absences from school must be referred to the Education Welfare Officer.
  • Lates/Detention: Any student who is late must first sign the “Late Book” at the school office and request a pass to attend class. Failure to do this will result in the student being marked absent. All unexplained lates will incur a detention period after school. A “Late Pass” will only be granted on an occasional basis.
  • Detention: In exceptional circumstances, when a student is constantly in breach of the school’s Code of Behaviour, a parent may be requested to supervise his/her son/daughter, if the sanction of detention is recommended.
  • All breakages or accidental damage to property should be reported immediately to the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Not all breaches of the Code of Behaviour will incur sanctions although they may earn disapproval. However, specific serious breaches or repetitive minor breaches will result in sanctions being imposed. This will encourage and promote a learning environment which respects the rights of all students to achieve their best. Some or all of the following strategies may be employed:-

  • Every effort will be made to resolve the difficulty with the co-operation of a parent(s).
  • Firstly, the class teacher will impose his or her own sanctions. Serious misdemeanors will be referred on to the Year Head who may have to report matters to parents, following investigation and interview(s).
  • A teacher or Year Head may deem it necessary to report a student directly to the Principal or the Deputy Principal.
  • All teachers on supervision or substitution duties for the school are authorised to ensure full compliance with the Code of Behaviour by imposing recommended sanctions.
The following strategies may be used to show disapproval of unacceptable behaviour:
  • Reasoning with the student.
  • Reprimand, including advice on how to improve.
  • Move place in class.
  • Removal from a class, or for more serious indiscipline, a block of classes.
  • Parents/Guardians will be notified by phone of serious indiscipline when school management feels that notification is warranted.
  • Loss of privileges.
  • Conduct Sheet.


The College’s procedures for suspension:

As required under the Education Welfare Act 2000, Section 23 (2) the following procedures will apply in the case of suspension.

  • The Principal and/or the Deputy Principal can suspend students from school for a serious breach of discipline or in circumstances of continuous failure to conform to school rules. Parents/Guardians will be notified in writing of this decision.
  • Suspension will always be considered in matters that involve bullying, fighting, substance abuse, possession of illegal instruments, possession of illegal substances, serious disrespect for all managerial, teaching and ancillary school staff, school property and repeated breaches of the Code of Behaviour.
  • The Principal or Deputy Principal will contact or meet the parents/guardians of any suspended student and may recommend referral to the appropriate support agencies and/or the signing of a contract. The student will report to the Principal, Deputy Principal or Year Head upon his/her return to school..
  • Parents will be notified, in writing, of a decision to suspend and the duration of the suspension. Please note that a suspension from one or two or up to ten school days may be imposed for very serious breaches of discipline.
  • Parents may wish to appeal the decision to suspend by writing to the Board of Management.
  • The College’s procedures for expulsion:
  • Expulsion may be recommended when the student and his/her representative fail to convince the Principal of their resolve to conform to the school rules or when the breach of discipline is so grave that the Principal considers it in the best interests of the staff and fellow students that the right to attend be permanently withdrawn.
  • Should the Board of Management decide that a substantial suspension or expulsion is the sanction to be applied, parents (and students who have reached the age of 18 years) have the right to appeal the decision to County Dublin Vocational Education Committee. Details of the appeal procedures are available from the Secretary of the Board of Management.
The greatest strength of our Code of Behaviour is the support and interest shown by the parents of our students on an ongoing basis. Through co-operation and mutual respect, we can ensure that all students achieve their full potential while attending Fingal Community College.